Cognition Overview

Deliberate Action

Cognition Consulting Services LTD. (Cognition) provides management consulting and project management consulting services, primarily, but not exclusively, in the information technology area. Founded in 2005, our ambition is to assist our clients in achieving project and program implementation success. Cognition provides senior project management and management consulting services only – we do not provide direct IT technical services and retain no staff in this area.

We believe that successfully addressing complex initiatives requires a balance of two critical sets of capabilities:

  • Observation, analysis and deliberation, to ensure that an accurate understanding of the challenge and solution alternatives forms the basis for action; and,
  • Decisive, disciplined and measured action, to ensure that the execution of a project, program or initiative is undertaken swiftly, with an appropriate application of project management tools and methods.

Our strength in both business consulting and implementation excellence is the key advantage of our approach.

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